Compnay Of The Year Award Winners

Company Of The Year Award Winners 2016

In 2015, RCM started a working relationship with Building and Facilities News by running several advertisements. In January 2016, the publication notified us that we had been chosen as the Company of the Month for our industry sector. Building and Facilities News ran an extended case study to promote the success of RCM Products, which highlighted RCM as their selection before our competitors.

This was very exciting news for RCM. We have been working hard to bring the RCM name to the forefront of the construction industry as it was many years ago when it was at its peak. This gave the work force a real incentive and motivated everyone to push forward to make 2016 a very successful year.

We continued our relationship with Building and Facilities News throughout the year. In November 2016, as the year started to naturally slow, we commenced our annual maintenance programme and started to move in the planned new machinery and technology in readiness for the new manufacturing year ahead.

The new automated loader for the Armada Laser arrived just as we finished reorganising the sheet metal department. Next was the completion of the new outside storage for the materials, which changed the factory considerably.

Then early in December 2016, we received an email. We had been voted Company of the Year by the Directors and Editors of Building and Facilities News. Further excitement ensued; the interview took place and the factory was at the time in the middle of more than a few upgrades. We managed to finish the factory move just in time for the award to arrive with the photographer. The factory looked very smart and so did the staff. The award was duly presented and the photographs taken. The award has taken pride of place in our new offices. RCM continues to work hard to offer the best products and customer service to the construction industry and looks forward in the coming years to winning further awards.