Linear Floor Grille – LFG

Our linear floor grille is designed and manufactured to suit areas of light and medium pedestrian traffic with safety.

  • Easily removable core
  • 50% free area for simple ductwork cleaning
  • Mitred corner sections
  • Machined butt joints for a continuous appearance
  • Available in various formats
  • Suitable for virtually any application

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Alternate codes

Series F, Type AF, AFG, FG

We are currently in the process of reviewing our product range. Please check with the Sales Office for all technical details.

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Product Description

The LFG range of Linear Floor Grilles has been developed to suit a range of installation requirements. The Linear Floor Grille is suitable for areas of pedestrian traffic where a light or medium-duty application is considered appropriate.

For installations where a heavy load may be applied, such as server rooms, see our alternate product Heavy Duty Computer Room Floor Grille for more details.

At the heart of our Linear Floor Grille is the removable core. This provides a 50% free area, enabling easy ductwork cleaning. The core is supported by a rigid frame, available in 3 variations. The standard floor grille frame is flangeless, it can also be ordered with an exposed flange (top flange) or a reversed flange (bottom flange). This makes our linear floor grilles suitable for virtually any application.

Opposed blade dampers (OB), Equalising Grids (EQG) and special mitred corner sections are available. These can all be specified to meet your specific installation requirements.

The linear floor grille is manufactured from extruded aluminium sections, with the mitred corners being fully welded and linished. As standard, the front face of the floor grilles is also manufactured in linished aluminium, or polyester powder coated to the customers colour requirement.

Linear floor grille finishes include: RAL 9006 (Silver.Grey) – RAL9010(White) – RAL9005 (Black) – RAL9003 (White) – RAL9016 (White) . A Mill finish is also available along with a Chrome finish and a special Shadowline finish (Black Internal/Linished Face)

Other RAL/BS codes are available to meet your design requirements, though additional costs may apply.
Our linear floor grilles can also be manufactured from various grades of Stainless Steel if your project has this requirement.

Grilles are manufactured to fit opening sizes from 50mm up to 325mm high, and up to 1800mm long in one piece. Carefully machined butt joints allow for a continuous appearance to flooring ventilation sections of any length.

As the manufacturer of these linear floor grilles, we have the capacity to produce the exact items you need. Our grilles can be manufactured to accommodate corners, columns and other structural obstacles, All we require is a dimensioned drawing or template submitted along with your order, to enable us to produce your bespoke floor grille sections.

Full ordering details are available in the Linear Floor Grille product specification datasheet

Linear Floor Grille Flange Options

Linear Floor Grille Ordering Details

FrameS - Standard (no fl anges)
F - With Flange
R - Reverse Flange
Deflect15 - 15° Fixed 6.1mm Wide Blades
0 - 0° Fixed 6.1mm Wide Blades
AccessRB - Adjustable Rear Blades
OR - Damper & Adjustable Rear Blades
0 - Not Applicable
EQG - Equilising Grid
FixingF0 - No fi xings
F1 - CSK Flange Fixing Holes
Finish1 - (Mill Finish)
2 - RAL9006 (Silver/Grey)
3 - RAL9010 (White)
4 - RAL9005 (Black)
5 - RAL9003 (White)
6 - RAL9016 (White)
7 - Other RAL/BS Code (additional costs may apply)
8 - Chrome Finish - Powder Coated
9 - Linished Face
10 - Shadowline (Black Internal/Linished Face)
Example: LFG/S/15/OB/F0/1/Nominal Opening Size
Linear Floor Grilles can also be manufactured from various grades of Stainless Steel, please contact Sales Office.