Linear Slot Diffuser – SLD

The SLD Linear Slot Diffuser is a versatile, flexible and cost-effective linear diffuser.

  • Developed to be the most flexible Linear Slot Diffuser available.
  • Discreet installation into ceilings or sidewalls.
  • Optional edge trims.
  • Specify 1 to 10 slots.

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Alternate codes

Series GSL, Type ALS, CS, 20/25 Slot, STAD

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Product Description

Our SLD slot diffuser is a versatile, flexible and cost-effective linear slot diffuser. As the manufacturer of these slot diffusers, we can offer them in a wide range of options.

They can be specified as linear slot diffusers for ceilings or linear slot diffusers for sidewalls as they are available with special edge trims to complement their installation.

Linear Slot Diffuser Fixing

Standard fixing of our slot diffusers is by means of concealed ‘U’ brackets into hemmed plenums. Alternatively, they can be secured by fixing to the rear of the ceiling surface material.

Our standard construction includes welded end flanges, providing clean lines without any visible joints.

High Capacity Linear Slot Diffuser

The SLD is a high capacity linear slot diffuser. It has been specially designed to handle more air volume at lower sound levels, pressure drop and with a shorter throw than most comparable linear slot diffusers.

Linear Diffuser Multi Slot Configurations

The SLD is available in the following multiple slot linear configurations. These enable you to align with your design and performance requirements.

  • 1 slot linear diffuser
  • 2 slot linear diffuser
  • 3 slot linear diffuser
  • 4 slot linear diffuser
  • 5 slot linear diffuser
  • 6 slot linear diffuser
  • 7 slot linear diffuser
  • 8 slot linear diffuser
  • 9 slot linear diffuser
  • 10 slot linear diffuser

The standard finish on the SLD slot diffuser is RAL9010. The SLD can also be powder coated to meet your specific installation colour requirements.

Width20 - 20mm Slots
25 - 25mm Slots
Frame25 - 25mm Frame
32 - 32mm Frame
P - Panel
PF - Plaster Frame
Ends0E - Open Ends
1E - 1 End
2E - 2 Ends
EP - End Plates
BladesB - Black
W - White
M - Mill Finish
FixingF6 - Plenum Fixing
F7 - Support Brackets
Finish1 - (Mill Finish)
2 - RAL9006 (Silver/Grey)
3 - RAL9010 (White)
4 - RAL9005 (Black)
5 - RAL9003 (White)
6 - RAL9016 (White)
7 - Other RAL/BS Code (additional costs may apply)
8 - Chrome Finish - Powder Coated
Example: SLD/20/25/2E/0/B/F6/3/1800x2 Slot/1846x134

Plenum Boxes

Our Plenum boxes are accessories specifically designed for use with our Grilles and Diffusers. They have been developed to equalise the pressure profile within the box. This then provides an even velocity at the face of the grille or diffuser. No need for equalising grids.

For more information on how to specify your linear slot diffuser for ordering, please see our product data sheet available above.