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Grilles And Diffusers


The RCM range of Grilles is diverse with several options including, square, rectangular, heavy duty, linear, floor and door. RCM offers a full range of Diffusers such as Louvre Faced, Swirl’s, Perforated, Linear Slot, Jet Diffusers. Our range of ventilation Louvres offers many options; Acoustic, Moveable Blades, Louvre Doors and Penthouse Louvres. A range of Displacement Ventilation Terminals are also available. The RCM range is made to very exacting standards and is available in our full range of finishes.

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Radiant Panels


At the heart of our Radiant Panel design is the high-performance heat transfer fin. The fin is constructed from two strips of aluminium that are metallurgically bonded to a copper tube waterway, forming a single strip with the tube in the middle. The corrosion resistance of copper combined with the lightweight and high thermal conductivity of aluminium produces the optimal fin tube. The metallurgical bond between the copper tube and aluminium fin provides superior heat conductivity and long term durability.

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Vav And Cav Units


Variable Air Volume (VAV) Units controls air from a single supply duct and varies the airflow to each zone or room based upon the temperature in the room. VAV units come complete with necessary actuators/controllers and we can integrate free issue controls or fast acting actuators. With Constant Air Volume (CAV) Units, the supply air flow rate is constant, but the supply air temperature is varied to meet the thermal loads of a space. Our range of VAV & CAV units are available in circular or square/rectangular format and can be provided with acoustic cladding (to reduce break out noise) and silencers (to reduce air generated noise).

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Trench Heating And Radiators


The RCM Heating family of products includes a diverse range of modern, stylish and eco-friendly units suitable for residential, public and commercial installation. Our Trench Heaters include Convector Heaters, designed to heat residential rooms, hallways and corridors, dust-free production rooms and public spaces. Bathroom Radiators, Design Radiators and Towel Rails feature as some of the most stylish units you’ll ever see, complimented by our Spiral Finned Radiators.

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RCM Air Products specialises in Air Distribution & Ventilation Products. We offer a full solution from start to finish, including initial design, detailed selections, quotations and project management. Enjoying full coverage of England, RCM Air Products would be delighted to discuss the requirements and specifications of your current and future projects

Our products are designed for quality and performance, and with our very competitive pricing RCM Air Products is specified by a growing customer core of architects and engineers, all of our customers will benefit from our extensive experience gained through working for many of the UK HVAC leading companies.


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