Linear Bar Grille – LBG

Linear Bar Grilles – suitable for supply and extract air

Sidewall or cill applications

Available with 0°, 15°, 45° blades pitched to give either 50% or 75% free area.

Standard 32mm flanges or 19mm flanges with alignment joints for a continuous appearance

Available with Opposed Blade Dampers, Adjustable Vertical Rear Blades, Plenum Boxes and Plaster Frame.

Full specification for ordering available in product data sheet below

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Alternate codes

Series L--3, Type WAP, ALG, FBG/NB, L00, Series L--6, Type, AH, ALN, FBG/WB, H00

We are currently in the process of reviewing our product range. Please check with the Sales Office for all technical details.

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Product Description

The LBG Linear Bar Grille range of grilles are suitable for a wide range of applications. They can be used for installations providing either supply air or extract air solutions. They are typically installed in sidewalls or cills providing both functionality and an aesthetically pleasing result.

There are a number of design and specification options available to tailor your linear bar grille to your specific requirements. These options include:

Linear Bar Grille Frame Flange

Our range of linear bar grilles are available with a standard 32mm Frame, a narrow 19mm Frame, Joinery Frame or with our Plaster Frame, which allows for more control over the final look of the installation to meet any architectural requirements. The frame is also available with alignment joints for a continuous appearance.

Linear Bar Grille Core

The core of the linear bar grille is available as either a fixed core or as a removable core.

They are available with 0°, 15°, 45° blades pitched to give either 50% or 75% free area. These blades can be ordered as narrow 3.2mm blades or wide 6.1mm blades.

Further options include Opposed Blade Dampers, Adjustable Vertical Rear Blades and Plenum Boxes.

LBG Grilles are manufactured from extruded aluminium sections, the mitred corners being fully welded and linished.

Standard finish is RAL9010 (White). Other finish options include RAL9006 (Silver/Grey), RAL9005 (Black), RAL9003 (White), Mill Finish plus any other RAL or BS code, though additional costs will apply. Can also be ordered in Chrome finish or manufactured from various grades of Stainless Steel.

Full specification for ordering can be found in our Linear Bar Grill Data Sheet

Plenum Boxes for Linear Bar Grilles

Plenum boxes are accessories for use with Grilles and Diffusers. They are designed to equalise the pressure profile within the box and hence provide an even velocity at the face of the Grille or Diffuser without the use of Equalising Grids.