Perforated Grille – PPG

Perforated grilles (PPG) are suitable for extract air in either sidewall or ceiling applications.

Grilles consist of a 50% free perforated sheet mounted in an aluminium frame.

Available options include Opposed Blade Damper (OB), Hinged Core (HC) and Core Only (CO), and Filter Frame.

Full specification for ordering available in product data sheet below.

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We are currently in the process of reviewing our product range. Please check with the Sales Office for all technical details.

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Product Description

Our range of Perforated Grilles (PPG) are suitable for extract air in both sidewall and ceiling applications. The Perforated Grille consist of a 50% free perforated sheet mounted in an aluminium frame.

Perforated Grilles are available with a range of custom options which include:

  • Opposed Blade Damper (OB)
  • Hinged Core (HC)
  • Core Only (CO)
  • Filter Frame

Our perforated grille frames are manufactured from extruded aluminium sections with fully welded and linished mitred corners.

Standard finish is RAL9010 or polyester powder coated to the customers colour requirement.

CoreS - Standard
CO - Core Only
HC - Hinged Core
AccessOB - Opposed Blade Damper
N - Non Vision Plate
FM - Filter Media (TBA)
0 - Not Applicable
FixingF0 - No fixings
F1 - CSK Flange Fixing Holes
F2 - Spring Clip
F4 - Rear Strap
F5 - Rear Strap & Bracket
F6 - Goal Post Bracket
Finish1 - (Mill Finish)
2 - RAL9006 (Silver/Grey)
3 - RAL9010 (White)
4 - RAL9005 (Black)
5 - RAL9003 (White)
6 - RAL9016 (White)
7 - Other RAL/BS Code (additional costs may apply)
8 - Chrome Finish - Powder Coated
Example: PPG/S/S/OB/F1/3/Nominal Opening Size


Plenum boxes are accessories for use with Grilles and Diffusers. They are designed to equalise the pressure profile within the box and hence provide an even velocity at the face of the Grille or Diffuser without the use of Equalising Grids.

TypePBU - Un-Lined Side Entry
PBL - Lined Side Entry
PBA - Adaptor Top Entry
MeshP - Perforated Equalising Mesh
0 - No Equalising Mesh
DamperLS - Lever Spigot Damper
CS - Cord Spigot Damper
0 - No Damper
SpigotOP - 2 Opposite Spigots
AD - 2 Adjacent Spigots
FL - Flat Oval Spigot
FinishIN - Black Internal
EX - Black External
IE - Black Internal & External
Example: PBL/PPG/0/0/Nominal Size/Spigot Size